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eBPF for Everyone

foniod is an security monitoring agent born for the cloud.

Spot misbehaving processes and containers to react immediately.

Built on eBPF and Rust for easy extensibility.

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    Secure & Safe

    Both eBPF and Rust are designed for safety and security. Add foniod to your systems without fear of instability or compromise.

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    Customize as you Wish

    foniod provides accessible documentation for most eBPF functionality so you can extend and improve the data you rely on.

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    Designed for Real Life

    Time is your most expensive asset, so we made deployment easy and frictionless. Kubernetes, GCP, AWS, Arm64, bring your own buzzword.

Monitor globally, react locally

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  • Customize at will

    Safe Rust and eBPF make it easy to tailor your monitoring to your needs

  • OSQuery integration

    foniod containers ship with OSQuery to expand your systems reporting with the gold standard

  • Improve security without slowing down

    Best in class performance due to low overhead internals based on the Rust async stack

IT Security
  • No change to application code

    Expand your monitoring capabilities without changing your applications. Deep insights from networks and filesystems with ease.

  • React immediately

    foniod can react to events immediately on events that break the rules. Shut down your server, or kill the SSH process, up to you.

  • Made for containers

    Monitor container behaviour information straight from the orchestrator. Deploy to Kubernetes, or use Ansible and Terraform on any OS.

  • Infinite granularity

    Collecting information using eBPF allows observing events like when they happen, where they happen, why they happen.

  • No more noise

    Advanced processing pipelines allow you to filter out events that are useful, right at the source.

DevOps and CloudOps
  • No setup, you're good to go

    Gather feedback about the internals of your infrastructure at any point in the DevOps lifecycle.

  • Designed to scale with you

    eBPF and Rust allowed us to optimize foniod for speed while staying safe, secure, and portable.

  • Secure your toolchain

    Spot malicious 0-day dependencies before they cause havoc and huge bills.

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Integrated with

  • aws
  • openshift
  • kubernetes engine
  • kubernetes
  • StatsD
  • ansible

Get involved

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get started

Meet the team

foniod and RedBPF are being developed by a community of individuals and companies from across the globe. The project is used in industries like security, gaming, or blockchain. foniod was originally developed by Red Sift .

To learn more about contributing , please consult our documentation.

foniod is a proud member of the CNCF.

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